Oh la la I love frozen veggies! They can be an awesome and healthy part of your plant-passionate diet. Once vegetables are picked, they start losing some of their water-soluble nutrients, especially vitamin C and folic acid. Each day, more of these nutrients are lost. So, if our “fresh” broccoli is harvested and transported across the country before we eat it, chances are it’s lost some of it’s vitamin C and folic acid content.

Ideally, we’d be picking our broccoli from the backyard or the local veggie stand and eating it the same day. But for those who don’t have access to fresh produce all the time, frozen varieties are a nutrient-rich alternative. Frozen produce is often frozen immediately after it is picked, and freezing halts the nutrient seeping that happens in fresh air.

Remember, boiling or steaming frozen vegetables will cause some of the nutrients to be lost, so including them in a soup that includes the cooking water will save the precious nutrients that would have gone down the drain.