In a nutshell: Embrace gorgeous greens, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, sea veggies, fruits and vegetables galore. Crowd out inflammatory, hormone-filled animal products (even when organic) by filling your plate with plant-strong whole foods. And while you’re at it, dump the processed white stuff, especially sugar (it feeds cancer). Speaking of sugar, choose low-glycemic fruits and desserts. If you’re not interested in going full tilt vegan, make plants your main dish and animal products the side dish. Reduce your consumption to 2-3 times per week and avoid factory farm products at all costs. For delicious recipes, check out our recipe section at and Crazy Sexy Kitchen

And of course, juice your ass off. Not store bought processed juices. Fresh green, healing juices that you make yourself. Organic is definitely best if you can afford it. If not, check out the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen and do your best to avoid highly chemical laden produce. Without a shadow of a doubt, my daily low-glycemic green juice practice has allowed me to thrive in spite of my obstacles. My basic juicing rule is a 3:1 ratio. Three veggies to one low glycemic fruit. You can also add lemon as it has very little sugar. Juices are nutrient dense, hydrating, energizing, and medicinal. If you only have a blender, that’s fine too, make low glycemic green smoothies. Cheers!