If you've been running your body on poor quality fuel, transitioning to a healthier diet can be a bit of a shock to the system. Making healthy dietary changes gives your body the chance to detox and, at first, this may not feel great. Have you ever cleared out a cluttered room in your house? It likely looked hectic at first, but over time things became much cleaner. Same with your body in a detox process. Just keep in mind that you’ll be feeling brighter and lighter in no time.

Common detox symptoms include low energy, headache, acne, skin rash, constipation, diarrhea, and mental fog. You can reduce these discomforts by resting as much as possible, drinking lots of water and green juice, and doing some light exercise. If the symptoms get too intense, dial back the intensity of your detox - this isn't a race!

Be sure to discuss any major changes to your diet and lifestyle with your doctor or a trusted healthcare practitioner as they will be able to help you tailor your transition to meet your personal needs. But remember, most MD’s are not trained extensively in nutrition. As you continue your wellness studies, you may end up knowing more about nourishing your body than your doctor - unless he or she practices functional, holistic medicine.