I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you made it here! I’ve created these free guides to help you get to know me and this Crazy Sexy lifestyle. There you’ll find my most recommended resources and top tips. As with anything new, it can feel overwhelming at first. There's no need to make dramatic changes overnight (we like it drama-free over here). Instead, take your time, dip in a toe or two, and when you’re ready, jump on in!

You may also want to check out my published work, especially Crazy Sexy Diet where I outline my food and lifestyle plan for optimum health. My cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, includes 150 plant-empowered recipes, plus all the how-to info you'll need to become a plant-empowered cook. And if you're ready to begin adding juices and smoothies to your life, don't miss my book coming in October 2015, Crazy Sexy Juice. This green drink guide contains all of my juicing and blending knowledge, an easy and energizing 3-day cleanse, plus over 100 tasty juice, smoothie and nut milk recipes!

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